Ocean Hero

Ocean Hero Collection

As a company we try to make sure we operate with minimal impact on the environment and that our products, where possible, are as kind to the planet as they can be.

Asking our staff not to use one use plastic water bottles was the first big change. We designed and produced an Ocean Hero reusable bottle that we thought was so nice we produced more and sent them to our favourite customers.

Then it was mentioned by a customer that a metal cup would be nice, so we produced one.

As fashion cast its eye onto the reusable bottle market, there was a clear favourite in style, so yep, you've guessed it, we produced the screw top thermal bottle that we are sending out to clients in 2020.

Our message is simple; just be mindful, and aim to be an Ocean Hero

If you would like to become an Ocean Hero please drop us a line and we will send something out to you.


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